When the unfaithful husbands admit their mistakes, they face angry wives and confused children. Life goes on and sooner or later, time heals everything, even the biggest mistakes.

bill clinton-tiger woodsBut when the cheating husband is a President or a world famous golf star, then the forgiving process includes an admission to the whole world, interviews, press conferences, analysis and public focus on what the cheater did.

Yes, both of them – Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods faced million people on the planet in order to explain what they have done.

Lately Tiger Woods doesn’t have much fun. Perhaps the person who understands him completely is indeed Bill Clinton. The sources claim that the former U.S. President offered his help to Woods in order to encourage the mistaken golf star.

Clinton was perhaps the most famous man in the world history that admitted his affair in front of million people. The society and his wife forgave him. Now his mistakes are water under the bridge.

Perhaps that would calm down Tiger Woods, who experiences the most difficult period in his personal life and career. There were rumors that even Obama called Tiger, but the information is not confirmed by the White House.


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