Their true love lives seem to draw more attention than the characters they play on the silver screen. With every kiss, quarrel, make-up or break-up played out for all to see, it is no wonder modern celebrities have a trouble finding Mr or Ms Right.

Breaking up is hard to do, even if you’re rich and famous. Check out the latest star couples to join the celebrity broken hearts club.

Here are 15 celebrity couples calling it quits.

1. Megan Fox Says Bye-Bye Brian

megan fox and brianThe Transformers beauty is out on the market so watch out guys!! The foxy Megan Fox appeared by herself at the Golden Globes saying she got “stood up” by Brian Austin Green. It seems the two have decided to put an end to their romance and engagement and focus on their careers.

2. Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri no Longer an Item

janet jackson and jermaine dupreeAfter they shared seven years of dating work and musical careers, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri decided to end their relationship. On the background of Michael Jackson’s death, the problems in their relationship became more obvious and according to common friends they decided to take separate roads.

3. Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia young “heroes” separating

hayden panettiere and milo ventimigliaThe age difference between the two actors seems to have made a point in their relationship. Hook up on the “ Heroes” movie set, the couple is rumored to be been broken on the case of  Milo popping a …suggestion …for a more serious relationship. After Hayden declared that she wants to focus on her career, the relationship simply did not worked out anymore.

4. Katy Perry And Travis McCoy: Goodbye Endless Argument

katy perry and travis McCoyShe – a bit of workaholic, perfectionist and beautiful. He- a laid back, relaxed man with the touch of music. Their relationship – a roller coaster of endless fights, discussions and judgmental remarks. The conclusion came crushing down that they are just not good for each other.

5. Cameron Diaz and Paul Sculfor – Long Distance Does Not Work

cameron diaz and paul sculforThey were so much in love with each other that he living in Britain and she living in LA did not scare them at all. Still so many flight hours, busy schedules, separate lives killed the romance and made them grow apart.

6. Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle Still in Love but Far Apart

joe jonas and camilla belleThe young couple was pretty much competing for the most beautiful youth in love. Still the musician and the beautiful actress seem to not have lasted. Although both of them seem sad about it, Joe even shedding a tear during the Jonas Brothers concert, they simply decided to end it.

7. Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan – Troublesome Amour

samantha ronson and lindsay lohanWell they have finally split. About time people would say, since these two have made quite a fuss of being on and off, and causing so many scenes the tabloids had a blast exposing their relationship.

8. Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush – The Beauty and Her Beau are Done

kim kardashian and reggie bushThey were so cute together; both beautiful and so much in love with each other but their careers seemed too much for their relationship. Kim starting her reality show and Reggie starting the NFL training has put an end to their romance.

9. Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel – No Longer the Funny Couple Everybody Loved

Sarah Silverman and Jamie KimmelThey were practically made for each other. Cute and funny always ready to share something amusing with the crowd, the TV star and actress have somehow managed to no longer make each other smile. The break-up came as a surprise since they were one on the most solid couples in Hollywood.

10. Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal – Not Ready For a Responsible Life

Reese Witherspoon and Jake GyllenhaalShe a celebrity mom, with a stunning career, he a young hunk looking to make one; apart from the age difference it seems that Jake really needed to “ grow up” before settling down to raise a family.

11. Sean And Robin Wright Penn – 11 Years for Nothing

Sean And Robin Wright PennIt seems that she virtually got fed up with his affairs and lifestyle. Parents of two teenage sons, the couple divorced after 11 years of marriage. Apart from being simply too sick of each other to fight , the two actors decided that it is better to separate and follow different paths before everything came down to pieces.

12. Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo – He Left Her for Sports

Jessica Simpson and Tony RomoWell after Jessica was said to be the source of her man playing so bad on the field, their relationship kept on crushing down. So it had seemed fit for Tony to brake up with her close to her birthday. Now …this is really classy.

13. Chris Brown and Rihanna – Crushing Down in Flames and Beating

Chris Brown and RihannaThis has been the ugliest brake up in 2009. As much as he has declared he is sorry, there is no excuse for his terrible behavior. After putting her in hospital after only a more serious fight she ended the relationship. Smart girl…there are so many more out there who should follow her example.

14. Taylor and Taylor Together no Longer

Taylor Swift and Taylor LautnerThe super teens are done with their super teen love. The two hotties Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are back on the market so be aware boys and girls.

15. Deryck Whibley And Avril Lavigne

Deryck Whibley And Avril LavigneThey married, they were in love but while she was touring he was sleeping around and getting into fights. Maybe marrying so young was not such a good idea.



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