If you think that Twilight vampire saga is exciting, then you must certainly not miss out Wolfman, the movie, which brought two of the finest world actors in a major adventure.

the wolfmanAnthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro will change their usual types of characters  and go deep into the adventure, filled with gothic images, werewolves and of course one love story.

The supporting actress in Wolfman is Emily Blunt, which shows her best performance loving Benicio del Toro in his breath-taking role as a werewolf.

WolfmanWolfman is a remake of the famous horror movie from 1940s The Wolfman. The director of the production Joe Johnson drives the viewer into mystery and myths, exposed in the strange Talbot family.

The father, Sir John Talbot played by Antony Hopkins and his son, Lawrence Talbot, Benicio del Toro who turns to be the wolf man are involved in game of hunting the wild nature of the beast and deep secrets. What secrets will be disclosed remains for the public to find out while enjoying this thrilling adventure.



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