Tila Tequila, a lesbian sex star wants to adopt orphans from Haiti.

The earthquake has left many dead and now has many orphans. I am sure they deserve a better fate than being adopted by Tila.

She has made her plans public through multiple Twitter posts. These posts make her intentions clear.

Tila wants to adopt two orphaned children from Haiti. And she wants to have two children of her own. Oh My God!

She has deleted her Twitter account after a deluge of negative comments regarding her intentions. She has called the Twitter community devil worshipers, violent and a racist community. She called Twitter bad.

The pregnant star claims that The Game, is the father of her unborn child and that paternity tests will confirm them as soon as the child is born. The Game denies having anything to do with it and the public support goes to him. In-fact there is serious contention if she really is pregnant or is imagining being pregnant.

She has been riling against The Game in public and insists that the child is his and that she doesn’t know why he is lying. She claims that she and her child can do just fine without The Game.


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