Two of the most influential people on the earth finally had their meeting. The President of US, Barack Obama and the spiritual guide of Tibet, Dalai Lama have met at the White House for one meeting, which for sure will stay in history.

Dalai Lama, who is now 74-years old, has met Obama, seeking more protection for Tibet, which experiences major differences with the Republic of China.

dalailama and barack obama

The two countries are in conflict since near a decade. The negotiations between China and Tibet so far didn’t bring any results in the last eight years.

In Beijing, Dalai Lama is considered as a separatist. China has made various tries to stop this meeting, but U.S. President didn’t follow their warnings. The consequences of this meeting are expected to put pressure on USA and China relation.

Despite these facts, Obama and Dalai Lama had their meeting on non-violence dialog about further USA – China – Tibet relations.

According to world agencies, Dalai Lama, known for his peace proclamation described U.S. as “”champion of democracy, freedom and human values”.

However, the historical first meeting between the leaders of America and Tibet will bring negative tension from China’s side. Experts already claim that probably China’s President will refuse to join the nuclear summit in USA in April.

Another expected step of the Chinese leader Hu Jintao is to cancel his planned visit to USA in the end of the year.


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