Bella and Edward are together! But this time not just for the movie. It is official – the stars of Twilight Saga confirmed that they are couple in real life. There were rumors for this even before the official statement and we already saw, that the screen chemistry between Pattinson and Stewart isn’t just a role.

kristen stewartKirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson felt the waves of love during the screens of Twilight and both decided to keep that feeling away from their fans. At the Bafta ceremony in London Robert and Kristen finally broke the silence.

In an interview Pattinson made an admission and informed the press it is very difficult, but yes, he and Kirsten are together.

robert pattinsonDespite his admission, at the British awards, Kristen and Robert were on distance from each other and came to the event separately.

At the end of the night, Robert and Kristen were seen to leave the after-party together, which once again proved that the favorite stars of million people are in love with each other.


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