Mel Gibson did it again. Not too much time passed since the huge scandals he was implied after his violent outbursts and now he offends with such a blatancy, you might as well say he is playing a role, but unfortunately he is not, which puts his PR people in great difficulty.

At the end of a recent live interview, Gibson called the reporter “an asshole”, obviously bothered by a series of questions on his latest alcohol related problems.

He did try to put an end to the inquiry, saying those problems are long gone and he is over and done with that, but the reporter’s insistence drove him out of his minds.

Mel’s rep comes to the rescue and tries to convince the press that he was the one Gibson addressed to, because he has been pulling faces all through the interview.

Only that, Mel Gibson’s line came only two seconds after the interview ended, while he was well aware that the camera was not off and the transmission still running. Nierob insists that the “asshole” line was addressed to him, although everyone could see Mel Gibson looking at the camera. A good case of trying to clean your boss’ laundry, though. There are so many public figures that can use a hand every once in a while, after they mess up.


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