sarah palinFormer governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin was a keynote speaker at the National Tea Party convention. Her address was directed at assailing Barack Obama and his administration. She mocked at his falling poll numbers but offered no real alternative policies.

To add to the incongruity of the occasion, Palin had actually scribbled notes on her hand, almost akin to something an eighth grader would do. Even her replies to some of the questions asked were not credible for a seasoned politician but more like those of a high school student.

When asked how she would handle terrorism she replied with, “we win they lose.”

Her response to what the three top most policies would be if the Republicans took the house, was equally stunning. For her the three most important policies would be: (quote)

  1. Reign in spending.
  2. Devote resources to coal and oil as sources for energy.
  3. Focus on divine intervention for the country.

Hmmm…If these could bring America back on the track, what has been the Obama administration doing for the last year or so? Her Address had nothing of substance except that it was aimed at provoking the audience against the president, an audience which was in any case there to root her.


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