Mariah CareyIt seems like a lot of stars are suddenly having a need to want to bring their offspring into the world.

Whether it is by having the babies themselves, or adopting one…or several from another country the celebrities’ houses are turning into daycare.

Other stars like Fergie and Mariah Carey say they are in no rush at all to have kids quite yet.

Maybe this is due to both women having very successful careers at the present time, or maybe the thought of ruining a perfect figure is too much for these two women to even consider it.

As you may have noticed it has become to be very popular for pregnant actresses to pose nude during the later months in their pregnancy. I’m sure nobody has forgotten Demi Moore’s stunning photo on the 1991 Vanity Fair cover. She was seven months pregnant. This unique signature pose was also recreated by singer Lisa Scott-Lee.

Other actresses like Jessica Alba will try to hide the fact that she is pregnant by covering her baby bump, and not responding to questions about it. Others like Penelope Cruz who is defiantly pregnant will just deny it all together.

Penelope smokingPenelope has even gone as far as smoking in public to try to get rid of rumors of her pregnancy.

Smoking and pregnancy don’t mix…and the lady has serious issues going that way just for the sake of denying pregnancy.

Other Actresses like Halle Berry, who desperately wants to be pregnant, says she is just waiting for the miracle to happen. Every baby should be considered a miracle. The difference with this miracle is that you do need to put a little bit of luck and love into it.

Have you noticed that there is like an adoption fever that is running rapidly through the celebrities these days? Everybody is adopting a child now.

From Madonna who had to fight and go through a tremendous amount of controversy to adopt her one year old David Banda, to Meg Ryan who recently brought home her new daughter Daisy from China.

Of course the adoption frenzy was kicked off by Brangelina, and now so many have followed in their footsteps.

The lists of adoptive parents that are a member of this fad also include Michelle Pfeiffer, Rosie O’Donnell and former married couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. I wonder if there is something in the water on the Hollywood area…
Meg Ryan

I suppose I would rather see a lot more celebrities do something as noble and respectable as adopting a child in need.

All children are innocent, and what better way to give your love and your ability to give a child a life they otherwise never would have had, but through adoption.

The celebrity parenthood is a constant worry for the tabloids. They have a way of making it look like it is something wrong…illegal and attention claiming. The papers discuss the matter using terms like: “clan”, “gang”…”club” instead of “family”.

This is encouraging the society to treat the matter like it is a celebrity whim that is bound to pass. Funny how, adopting a child is considered by the media more wrong than adopting a pet Chihuahua.

It is a very commendable and heartless act to commit. I would rather see every celebrity adopt a child, at any age, then to see them slung out on drugs.

Maybe we should spend more time praising and paying attention to the celebrities that are trying to make a difference by saving a life, rather than paying attention to little girls who are only in the spotlight because of their obscene usage of drugs and alcohol.

I don’t believe it would hurt society a bit to see the kindness and compassion of some actor and actresses, and not so much of the bad.


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