“Gossip girl” was never a calm TV show. And this is fact, because even behind the scenes there are fights and incidents. Last confirmation of this came days ago, when on the production set of the sitcom entered a bunch of paparazzi, who was willing to take pictures of Blake Lively and her guest partner Billy Baldwin.

gossip girl sets

They passed through security guards and took pictures of the artists, while they were working. The snappers were asked to exit the movie-set, but they refused. This ruined the process of filming, so the action was stopped and the tension got its peak, when a photographer dropped racist comments. This led to a violent battle and ended when the police came to stop the brawl.

The guest star Billy Baldwin and Blake Lively simply were waiting to continue with their work. At the end of the clash between security and paparazzi, there was one result – the photographer, who was making racist comments ended up with a bruised forehead.

After the fight, the shooting of “Gossip girl” continued in a normal and calm way. One might think if celebrity is really worth the trouble of fighting over it.


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