There are several actors over the years who have brought the characters to life…some we are familiar with and some we may not be familiarized with.

What does Neytiri from Avatar really look like and just who is the human behind predator monster? Here are 18 actors from some of the outstanding movies without masks, makeup and special effects.

How long did that hair and make-up take? How is it possible to transform a beautiful person into a monster or alien? To turn a nice-looking guy you might hang out or play partypoker with into a giant reptile? It is always an unbelievable change! Check out the pictures here!

celeb 1

Anybody can see that Neytiri is exactly as beautiful as Zoe Zaldana is. The mask does her credit and makes her look sexy.

celeb 2

Derek Mears, sure looks handsome without the rags and nasty mask of Jason Vorhees. Who would have thought such a hunk is hiding under the costume from “ Friday13th”

celeb 4

Alan Tudyk is a cute one. I Robot part was something he enjoyed to do, but who of us wouldn’t enjoy such a challenge?

celeb 5

We are used to see Wes Studi playing American Indian native parts but Eytukan had every bit of majestic presence a king should have.

celeb 6

CCH Pounder sure had a queen like attitude playing Moat. The Avatar queen retains the actress’s incredible posture and style.

celeb 7

Kevin Peter Hall was quite catching as the Predator monster. But we must admit he looks a lot better without the mask.

celeb 9

Sebastian Shaw was quite a piece of work playing the ultimate vilan from the Star Wars franchise. Nice to see who is behind the mask and voice modifier.

celeb 13

The ultimate alien diva Plavalaguna, was played by Maïwenn Le Besco. Her performance under a blue rubber suit was something out of the world.

celeb 12

Kenny Baker had the same size as R2-D2 and nevertheless the same charm. Star Wars were unique and he contributed.

celeb 14

Louis Gossett Jr was one of the pioneers in playing with alien masks. “Enemy mine” is still counted as one of the best alien movies of all times.

celeb 18

Robert Englund will forever be the one who made Freddie Krueger walk in the A Nightmare on Elm Streefranchise.

celeb 10

C-3PO was not an easy to play role . But Anthony Daniels did his best to make it genial.

celeb 11

Peter Mayhew’s make up trials were not exactly easy still he made Chewbacca unforgettable and a trade mark of Star Wars.

celeb 15

Being born with no legs didn’t stop Matthew De Meritt to become immortal playing the role of the most beloved alien creature.

celeb 17

jason cope

haruo nakajima

bolaji badejo


  1. Small point of fact: Sebastian Shaw did play the face of Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi. However, the photo above is of Dave Prowse, who acted under the mask throughout all three of the original films.


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