Are the tennis champion Rafael Nadal and the Colombian singer Shakira together? It is possible, since Rafael Nadal is the new partner of the steamy singer Shakira. For now, he is a partner only in her latest video “Gypsy”.

rafael nadal shakiraAfter this video has been released, there were rumors all over the press. Are Shakira and Rafael together or they are just friends?

In the video, Rafael embraces Shakira and both look like a couple with exclusive chemistry. But this remains only inside the video “Gypsy”. Shakira and Rafael are said to be only friends. There is a reason why – Shakira, which is 10 years older than the Spanish champion is engaged.

rafael shakiraShe is dating the son of the former Argentina President and they are together for nine years. Shakira herself is claiming that she and Antonio have been faithful to each other.

Despite this fact, in the public space there are still rumors that Shakira and Rafael are linked in ongoing romance. Rafael Nadal, who is 23 years old is said to be a ladies’ favorite and a womanizer.

Nadal, a legend in tennis from an early age was seen with the singer, during a meal in Spain. According to the unnamed source, they both were laughing and were obviously having fun even if…so far… only as good friends.


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