tom cruiseWho would have ever thought that Paramount Pictures, Tom Cruise and J. J. Abrams would try to make it even more of a rush to watch the impossible to kill – Ethan Hawke fighting around and saving the world?

It’s true. They said they couldn’t do it after both the first and the sequels and now they are pushing, raising the stakes.

Mission Impossible IV will have Tom Cruise again as Ethan Hawke and the leaks are saying that the racing thrills will top all other performances.

Although no director has been named, there are several names in the hat. Not much so far in the news about the story but if this team stays true it will be tightly plotted and well packed with twists, turns and mass confusions.

It is scheduled for release on Memorial Day next year and can only add a bundle to this billion and a half dollar franchise.


  1. Great news.I am excited! The last Mission Impossible movies were fantastic.Loved them!Tom is just great.He is truly one of the best actors of all time and I am looking forward to the new Mission Impossible.i hope it is good.


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