This might not be happening often in the short history of tabloids, but it is annoying enough that it is happening now: for more than forty weeks in a row, has Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s broken romance kept the first pages with reasons, explanations and assumptions.

Not it was about time that we finally got an answer. And that answer seems to be, simply and not that surprising, Jennifer Aniston.

The scenario was published in this week’s OK Magazine and it depicts a torn Pitt, still in love with his ex wife but too attached to his kids to leave the one he currently shares a house with.

The publication even quotes mysterious friends of the couple, which say Brad regrets leaving Aniston in the first place! Although he appeared calm and serene at Angelina’s side during the ceremonies they have recently attended, the OK people assume the inside story is much more different.

On top of all, Brad is suspected of having met his ex wife in private more than once recently, which seems to confirm what Ian Harpelin predicted in his book “Brangelina, The Untold Story”, that the couple will break up when nobody sees that coming.

Well, at least for now, everybody can observe it. But how much of what we see is real and how much plain gossip? Time will tell.

Source: thehollywoodgossip


  1. That’s really bad news for me.i really adore Brad and Angelina’s couple.They both look great together!i wish brad stays with Angie as they make a beautiful family with six kids.


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