Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was admitted in hospital due to a heart procedure, according to the reports.

Bill ClintonHis spokesperson informed that the president Bill Clinton is in the Columbia campus of New York Presbyterian Hospital, because days before he felt strong pain in the chest.

The 63-year-old former president of US had a specific cardiac procedure, by which doctors inserted two stents in his coronary artery.

This is not the first time, when the president Clinton has heart problems. Back in 2004 he faced heart operation and had a bypass.

From his office it was already announced that Bill Clinton is expected to recover and continue his work on his Foundation for Haiti’s relief.

The former president turned back from Haiti just few days ago, and he founded a campaign to raise funds and aid the people of Haiti minimize the disaster caused by the earthquake.

Clinton is said to be in a good spirit, surrounded with his family members. His health remains out of danger.



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