The man, who played the most fearsome character in the cinema, the criminal doctor Hannibal Lecter, will now increase his fame by showing his paintings to the world.

anthony hopkinsSir Antony Hopkins, the Oscar-winning legend actor from Welsh proves that whatever he starts ends with success.

Recently the actor started to paint and express himself with colors. His works are inspired by abstract painting and now the famous actor will show several landscapes and abstract works of art.

His last project, a collection of 50 paintings will be shown at London Gallery 27 and it contains 38 works of art, made by Hopkins.

On the display will be also five-limited edition prints. Part of his paintings will be available for purchases, although there is no set prize yet.

The actor, who is now 72 years old, stepped on this new path of artistic inspiration with his wife’s encouragement. The promoters of the exhibition described his style as “wild and vibrant”.

Anthony Hopkins started painting for pleasure and it is said that he has real talent. The first exhibition of Antony Hopkins will be in London. After that his works will go on display in several galleries in UK such as The Dome in Edinburgh on March 2.


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