It looks like all that was needed for the Twilight series to become even more successful was a graphic novel.

And there you have it. Or at least you are pretty close to having it. While the Eclipse is due to appear in cinemas at the end of June this year, New Moon is expected to be released on DVD on March 20, the Graphic Novel will be even faster and hit the stores on March 16.

Under the name “Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume One”, 350,000 copies of the highly expected book are expected to disappear from the shelves about as fast as they got there.

The volume is basically a set of drawings inspired by the Twilight characters and is made by Young Kim. Stephanie Meyer, the author of the Twilight novel, says she was deeply involved in the creation of the animated series, as well, although she did not have much to do with the original script.

At one point, she says she even asked the artist to include some missing scenes, like the chat between Bella and Edward which took place after she fainted, during Biology class.

The characters of the animated book do not copy the actors who played Bella and Edward. They are not even supposed to for as long as they got the same names, success is guaranteed.


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