The HBO “True Blood” series gives fans even more reasons to stay tuned and watch the characters evolve. Not only will the watchers get more action and more intense thrills, but also… more skin!

The news was made public recently and no one seems to want to hide the perspective which the drama is going to adopt. And do not fix only T&A in mind.

Alex Skarsgard and the rest of the manly crew of True Blood will have to give up their clothes at least weekly!

Ryan Kwanten and Sam Trammell will also compete for the “title” of “the character who appears in his birthday suit more often” (hoping this will not spoil the new series for you). Sam Trammell, who plays Sam Merlot, says they joke a lot about these delicate matters.

The proud owner of the “title” seems to be Ryan Kwanten so far,  with the biggest number of disrobes on the screen. But Trammell is coming fast from behind this year!

As for handling the nudity scenes when you have to play them, for some that is not the easiest task. Kwanten admits that being in the skin of a character is a good excuse for getting naked; in private life, though, he admits to be far more restrained; playing Mister Stackhouse, on the other hand, allows him to move away from all those inhibitions.


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