paris hilton 3The tabloids love her, the designers are at her feet, she doesn’t get very shy when she is about to show some skin, she proves and underlines that “blondes have the most fun” and with nerve or simple charisma she prowls Hollywood streets setting trends in fashion and attitude or even in language saying “That’s Hot and That’s Not” and promoting this line like she were promoting an image or a bag …simply being…Paris Hilton.

I simply look at this girl, photographed and put on the covers of the magazines, and given as an example; and ask all of you other girls of her age, what is with Paris that makes her get so much attention.

Without being mean or anything, what does this girl exactly do? She does a bit of modeling, a bit of acting with a punch-line on the word” bit”, she started singing out of a boredom, and spends most of the time thinking how to get the most of attention. Just consider that the girl did some hard-time for the sake of attention and that is saying a lot of things about how much she wants it.

Dear girl… she complains about the paparazzi but where there’s a bit of spotlight there is Paris. I have got to give it to her, she is one of the best dressed celebrities wearing the latest trends, the most expensive bags and you can definitely take her as an example for a public presence.

Paris Hilton is one of the fewest Hollywood ladies very seldom seen without makeup or dressed like something has dragged her from the garbage bin.

She is not very pretty, her sister Nicky being a lot more lovable as face features, but she certainly knows how to do the best she can with what she has.

paris hilton 1I remember seeing Paris with all kinds of hairstyles, always in the latest trend and you can imagine that the army of stylists she has on her hands thought a thousand times before cutting the blonde curls.

I have also seen Paris wearing mostly nude make up and always glossy lips matching the showing legs and presenting a Barbie doll look and face setting with no effort the top of attraction for men and the top of envy line for women.

I simply, no matter how hard I try, can’t get along with the girl’s image. She has everything money can buy; she is elegant, quite pretty, not very nice and occasionally not very smart.

But she is always wearing the perfect shoes, the perfect dress and the best accessories there is on the planet.

She is a collector of bags and sunglasses, and she does credit to any designer that might feel tempted to dress her.

At the end of the day, although maybe such an affirmation would be more proper from someone closer to Paris than I am, she is just very popular and very rich young woman.

She was born for celebrity and embraced it in style. Some celebrities in effect become promotional models when they become the face or the ambassador for a certain company.

Practically she doesn’t do anything in order to be famous; she is just being …Paris.


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