And the winner of this year’s edition of the Golden Globe Awards is… Robert Downey Junior!

The title of best performance of an actor in a motion picture for his part in Sherlock Holmes went, not very surprisingly, in his collection of trophies.

Even before the ceremony, the well known actor and singer had very high expectations and thought he was going to win (he always does so, as he declared for the reporters of USA Today). There was one thing Robert, 44, feared during his official speech: not to make a mistake when quoting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The long term plans regarding Sherlock Holmes are, obviously, to continue it (especially after winning a Golden Globe) and eventually making a whole series, which will certainly thrill the numerous fans of the legendary character.

Another project he promised he will continue is Iron Man 2, an adaptation of the well-known comic book, where he plays the main character and which has made about one hundred million dollars in the US and Canada only in its first weekend of screening.

And not only that: the critics were enthusiastic and the commercial success was huge! So there are plenty of reasons for Downey to continue what he is doing at his best.


  1. Congratulations to Robert Downey.I’m very happy for him.He is very talented and I did love the movie!He did an excellent job in the movie.What a brilliant speech he gave at Golden Globes!Best ever.


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