The beautiful Charlie’s Angel seems to have taken a comfortable path of normality lately alongside her IT seller partner, Justin Long.

They were seen and photographed this Monday in Los Feliz, California, while returning from a local groceries store. Hand in hand, no fancy clothes, no make up, just a non surprised casual smile on Drew Barrymore’s lips showing that she is finally comfortable with who she is and who she is dating.

And we say “finally” because her romantic past is not what one would generally classify as “settled down”. At only 16, she already had a strong bonding with Leland Hayward.

In a matter of months, though, she changed her mind and split. Then she dated Jamie Walters for a year, until 1993, only to exchange him for bartender Jeremy Thomas, whom she married in 1994.

Their marriage came to an end the same year, though. Her next romance featured Tom Green, the famous comedian; it turned serious in July 7 2001, when they got married, but the passion was gone in a matter of months. For 5 years, she dated Fabritzio Moretti then Justin Long for another few months. That series seems to have reached an end now, though, and we can only hope that is for the two lovers’ best.


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