You might have wondered what is true and what is invented in everything the media has published lately on the vast subject of Lady Gaga, the singer.

She decided to answer some delicate questions herself and spread the dense fog of misconceptions in an exclusive interview for the 20/20 magazine.

The motivation for everything she does, artistically speaking, is an attempt to inspire and be some kind of teacher to her fans as she wants to set them free from their fears.

As for the lyrics that apparently imply bisexuality, Lady Gaga confessed she’s only fallen in love with men, therefore serious relationships with women were never in the question.

She firmly turns down the possibility of being transsexual also, but that she is aware her androgynous appearance is a great reason for her success.

Doing everything out of love, using shocking actions sometimes to prove a point and devoting yourself completely to what you do is what Lady Gaga reckons to be the way to go for her.

She confessed that although she had serious problems with her father after her first public appearance because he could not accept the style she had adopted; the singer stuck to her successful recipe and managed to maintain both a successful career and a good relationship with her family.



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