Casey Johnson, the heiress of Johnson & Johnson was found dead yesterday morning in her apartment in Los Angeles at the age of 30.

The cause of death is momentarily unknown but the police reported that all the clues point to a natural death.

The police started an investigation and will also take a toxicology screening.

It is known that Johnson was suffering from diabetes from her childhood and more recently she was diagnosticated with severe depression.

Her fiancé, TV-star, singer and model, Tila Tequila announced that she will give no further details for the time being as she needs to be with the loved ones at the moment, after having a fight with Johnson on December 28th and not being able to reach her since.

Casey Johnson was the great – great – granddaughter of Robert Wood Johnson, cofounder of Johnson & Johnson famous pharmaceutical company. Her father is also the owner of the Jets team since 2000.

She became famous after starring in the documentary “The It Girls” in 2002 along with the Hilton sisters and after becoming a target to the paparazzo’s due to her controversial personal life. She recently announced her engagement to lesbian star Tila Tequila.

She leaves a daughter behind, named Ava Monroe, whom she adopted from Kazahstan in 2007.


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