Renowned actor Charlie Sheen seems to be going in a new problem right after another recently.

Now he needs to worry less about him, though, and more about his wife, Brooke Mueller, whose tooth infection has spread rapidly and urged her to enter an intensive care unit of the Sherman Oaks hospital in Los Angeles.

She was admitted yesterday as a cause of her constantly high fever and the doctors have discovered she was starting to develop a form of pneumonia. Brooke Mueller’s lawyer, Yale Galater, confirmed all that and added that the infection was caused by an impacted wisdom tooth.

He added that the doctors are doing their best to keep the infection from spreading. In these conditions, husband Charlie Sheen might be allowed to contact her, despite the temporary restraining order on his name, if the hearing tomorrow will allow a judge from Colorado to modify the document.

On Christmas Day, Charlie Sheen was accused of assault, threat and criminal behavior in Aspen, but since then the couple did suggest they desire reconciliation. The 44 years old actor denied any intention of harming his wife, aged 32, but he is still expected to show on court and give some declarations on February 8.


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