The Twilight star who has recently been declared the world’s sexiest man alive (by the British “Glamour” magazine), is wanted for the new Spider man series.

It might be that Tobey Maguire is simply too old for the part or that Rob’s charm and acting skills have already convinced the producers, either way, the discussions are ongoing. Spider Man 4 will be about Peter Parker in his high school years and Robert Pattinson is thought to be one of the best actors to picture that; the producers still have Michael Cera and Chace Crawford in mind.

Pattinson is as busy as he can be shooting Bel Ami, alongside Uma Thurman.Until a new blockbuster, Twilight is still scoring and to be continued.

In these conditions and with hundreds of fans watching every step of the hottest vampire, it will be interesting to find how Robert Pattinson will manage to escape the image he has created and move on to playing different characters. Remembering what Leonardo Di Caprio has declared a little while after Titanic (“if I had known the movie will be so successful and will stick to me the image it has, I would have never played the part”) we can only presume it will be a hard task.


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