The news that Michael C. Hall, who played the main part in the series of drama “Six Feet Under” (on HBO) and Dexter in the homonym series (Showtime series) has to fight Hodgkin’s lymphoma (a form of cancer) before coming back on the set shook the media worldwide these last days.

Although he has recently declared that he finds himself in a much better state, that he is under treatment and that his condition is curable, fans seem to be overwhelmed with care (and concern, one might add, since the fifth season of Dexter is yet to come).

The 38 year old actor was suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a treatable condition, which is now in complete remission, and he publicly gave thanks to the doctors and nurses that got him through the expertise.

The treatment he is still following will not stop Hall from attending the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday. He is nominated for the serial killer part he played in the Showtime series and is planning to bring along his wife, Jennifer Carpenter, who has also starred in Dexter.

As for the continuation of Dexter’s follow-up with its fifth season, the actors are going back in the studio later this year, declared Craig Bancley, Michael C. Hall’s spokesman.


  1. Dexter is the best show on TV!! Michael C. Hall is one of the most talented young actors!So glad to hear that he is doing well and best wishes for his continuing recovery and return to health.My prayers are with you!Get well soon…


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