All great things come to an end. Miley Cyrus has decided she wants to be more than a Disney character.

The 17-year-old star declared that the fourth season of the famous Disney Channel TV series ‘Hannah Montana’ would also be the last one.

The series that chronicles the adventures of average teen Miley Stewart was a smashing success. The shooting of the final season will begin this month, January 18, and end sometime in summer, according to reports.

The discussions about the final season of Hannah Montana have been going on for some time and some Disney delegates said the Channel had an option for a fourth year.

However, Miley Cyrus, a role model for lots of young girls, declared that she has been working on the show longer than most people realize. Although the show is the most successful on Disney Channel and she is making a lot of money of Hannah Montana, Miley claims she became tired of the show and she is now ready to move on. However, the actress says that the ending of Hannah Montana will not separate her from her ‘family’- the Disney Company.

The starlet’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus recently made public the fact that the cast of the show will film the final 11 half-hour-long episodes and a one-hour finale which will be broadcasted this year.


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