The gossip mills are working overtime speculating if Britney and Jason are together again. Are they or are they not, is the million dollar question.

In-fact there is a doubt if the couple were ever really together. There are speculations that the relationship may have been the result of PR pressure.

The last time they were seen together was on 16th of December, Britney was heard yelling at Jason for leaving her alone. The last few sightings of the couple have not been too pleasant either.

Britney was reportedly under a lot of stress and was suffering from insomnia. Jason was seen driving with sleeping Britney beside him. Could it be related to her relationship with Jason, if not what is causing her so much stress?

She was recently seen with Jason at Chateau Marmont. He had been waiting for her and they seemed quiet amiable together. Britney looked pretty relaxed and was in high spirits. The two left in the same car with Jason driving. Jason’s car was driven away by Britney’s bodyguard. The duo picked up an overnight bag from Jason’s house and drove down to Britney’s hotel.

Does this mean that they are back together or are they just on friendly terms?  Is it business or pleasure?



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