It’s now official! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to separate and go on their own ways.

The two have been trying to salvage their marriage for quiet some time but the rows during Christmas holidays have proven to be the last straw.

They were trying hard to save their marriage for the sake of their 6 children. But things have now turned too ugly to continue.

Brangelina, the pair was much loved by the media. They were two special people leading a special life.

The couple adopted 3 kids and has 3 biological kids of their own. Their philanthropic work in third world countries is well known.

In-fact, their first born has a Namibian passport. The two have worked together for many charities benefiting children and needy in countries like Cambodia.

It promises to be an ugly spilt with plenty at stake. Besides their 6 children, the couple is estimated to have joint fortune worth £150 million. It is expected that the separation will take over a year to work out as things like child custody and alimony need to be settled. It is being said that Jolie wants full custody of her kids and Pitt may contest common custody for their biological kids.

It is sad to see such a handsome couple split ways!


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