Looks like stars are more and more inclined to settle down at this start of decade.

After the recent news of Vince Vaughn getting married with his fiancée, there goes (most unexpectedly) British comedian Lothario Russell Brand, who announced that he has asked Katy Perry to marry him next year.

Russell, who recently starred in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and the hit girl have spent their Christmas holiday in India (you can find photos on Perry`s Twitter page) and he confirmed that he has proposed to her the last day of 2009, the answer being: yes!

The two started going out as a couple in early September but it looks like Russell has put his wild ways behind since he declared he is more than ready to have kids with Perry, which proves age can only do well to relationships (Katy is 10 years younger than Lothario) and also can change one’s way of life.

Russell Brand has recently declared he is living in a different way and that he is unlikely to be happy with the “calamitous promiscuity of the preceding five or six years”.

He also admits to have grown weary of his wild lifestyle and that he is considering starting anew, after more than seven years of staying far from drugs.


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