Victoria Beckham likes to shock, we know that. But her latest declaration is a bit offshore. She actually claims to wear the exact same dress size as… Jennifer Lopez!

Now, you do not even have to see much of the two to realize they are a lot different, in size and not only; nonetheless, Victoria declared she tried some of the dresses in her own collection (which are for all shapes and sizes) recently and was quite surprised to notice that the one Jennifer wore fit her also!

What could be the secret behind this amazing change in sizes…? Definitely not the gym, for Vicky insists she is not the fitness freak she used to be when she was younger; when you get past your twenties and have kids, you feel kind of unmotivated.

The main focus for her now, in her thirties, seems to be health maintenance and preserving her good looks, but with the least amount of effort required.

Could it be that she might be preparing for a debut on the movie scene? We all remember she was offered a part in Sex and the City: The Movie but she had to turn it down because she was already fully scheduled with the Spice Girls comeback tour rehearsals.

Who knows? Still, it remains hard to believe thin Vicky made such a significant step in size.


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