The Jay Leno Show will no longer air at 10 p.m.” declared Jeff Gaspin, the network chairman of NBC, because although the show was reaching audience within the networks, the affiliates did not get the same feedback and the change became necessary.

Therefore, starting February 12, Jay Leno will be part of NBC’s late-night lineup, along with Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon. The Jay Leno Show will probably move to 11:35, The Tonight Show to 12:05 and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon would then start at 1:05 but details are yet to be settled.

Although all three have treated the decision graciously and with professionalism, during one of his shows last week Leno joked that he might be considering signing a contract with Fox and there are chances that O’Brien also turned to the rival TV station.

Another show which seems to be put at risk by the recent schedule changes is Last Call with Carson Daly (presently broadcasted at 1:35 a.m.), but representatives say that it will still be the mark of NBC no matter what other changes may happen.

The Jay Leno Show was struggling with the audiences since the debut of the season, this September, and Jeff Gaspin admitted that was a chance to be taken.


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