A series of sneaking in and out of their apartments – this is how one could classify the largely disputed relationship between pop idol Madonna and Alex Rodriguez, a baseball player for the NY Yankees.

Although none of them has admitted to having more than a close friendship, A-Rod’s ex-girlfriend, actress Kate Hudson declared that their story can not go on for “his heart belongs to Madonna”; more than that, the 34 years old baseball player has always bragged with having a special bond with the singer, who actually turned to him repeatedly, including after the split with her ex-husband, director Guy Ritchie and apparently now as well, after the break-up with Brazilian model Jesus Luz.

Common friends of Madonna and Alex say they are still being sweet on each other, although the baseball player has always been concerned about the damage that admitting to a relationship with her would cause him, especially after the long divorce he has been through a great part of 2008 (with Cynthia Rodriguez).

Madonna seems to have the same kind of concerns after her split with Guy, but there is something else that might be driving them into keeping a possible relationship secret, and that is the thrill of running away from the press (a style Madonna has never adopted so far) and keeping their story to themselves.


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