v tv showThe TV shows passion was for a moment on the verge of nothing to watch. Now that “Prison Break” is over and “Lost” is not about to run until February 2010 the best choice would be “V” created by the producer or one of the most popular TV shows of the decade “ The 4400”, on demand from ABC.

The topic covers an extraordinary event debuting by the presence of a new and improved alien race, able to replicate the human skin over their very own reptilian appearance ready to conquer our world and Universe with a claw hidden in the proverbial velvet glove.

With the world waking up with a sky clouded by giant UFOs floating over the most popular cities in the world, filled with aliens posing in saviors able to bring salvation from disease, spreading peaceful thoughts and getting the trust of the crowds the show promises a very  interesting intrigue.

As there are secret groups preaching resistance to alien strategy we are told that the alien reptiles posing as human beings are responsible for the disruptions present in the world economy and peace and all their previous underground actions are so directed they will lead world domination.

Bringing all the significant themes from “Independence day”,” The 4400” and “V from Vendetta”, this TV show promises a lot for the fans of the genre.


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