tiger woodsTiger Woods is now showing his real image to the world. His list of extra-marital relations is adding up new names everyday and his marital relation is on the verge of extinction.

The Friday morning incident of car crash exposes the regular turmoil of Elin Nordegren and husband, Tiger Woods about the most recent scandals with Rachel Uchitel, the fourth supposed mistress of Woods.

The Sun Times have reported that Tiger and his wife are undergoing in-home exclusive marriage counseling in their Windermere mansion. Tiger has offered his wife a sum of $5 million in addition to renewed prenuptial agreement value just to sustain in the marriage for few more years, as the Daily Beast reports.

Rachel Uchitel, a party-girl from the Hamptons, has been reported to have affair and sexual relation with Tiger. The tabloids, National Enquirer and The Star have information and proofs that they used to hook up in several locations while Tiger’s wife attended the children at home. Rachel denied the relation earlier but now she says she lied just to protect Wood’s image.

The New York Times brought Cory Rist and Tiger’s affair into limelight. The marketing manager of Sun City nightclub at Las Vegas, Kalika Moquin, party waitresses Jamie Grubbs and Mindy Lawton are the other mistresses.

Tiger’s marketing group is proving to be worthless to clean up his image. He is already marked-up with innumerable scandals.


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