Kristin CavallariWhether you started with Laguna Beach or you came in at the tail end of The Hills: Season 1 chances are you are 100% addicted to the show…er, we mean addicted to the drama.

This season has not disappointed either. Funny thing is in past seasons it seemed anytime there was drama LC was involved.

Now it seems since KC is back in the picture the most dramatic moments involved her.

For example, KC showed up at Speidi’s nuptials. Now the show’s editing made it look like KC was Justin’s date. For those of you who are lost already, Justin (Justin Bobby) is Audrina’s ex-boyfriend. KC is Kristin Cavallari, also known as the ‘Maneater’. So when KC showed up to the wedding and sat next to Justin it looked as if she was his date. At a pool party that followed a few days later a verbal fight transpired between Audrina, Stephanie and KC over Justin basically.

After all of this KC asked Audrina to have lunch with her. Supposedly the point of the lunch was to apologize and let Audrina know that KC wouldn’t be dating Justin due to the unwritten ‘girl-code’ however when Audrina stood KC up for their lunch date KC had a ‘screw you’ attitude and dove right into a relationship with Justin.


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