The “American Pie” star Tara Reid isn’t acting anymore but has decided to pose topless for famous men’s magazine, Playboy’s January/February double issue, though she avoided going fully nude inside the cover.

She wanted to show to the world that her ugly stomach scars caused due to liposuction cosmic surgery procedure are gone now and she is perfectly fine with a toned and sexy body after a corrective surgery.


She told in an interview that people still refer to her old pictures having scarred and wrinkly stomach which gives her a feeling of embarrassment and she has accepted Playboy’s offer just to wave off world’s misconception that her body is permanently destroyed when now it is perfectly OK .

She had rejected Playboy’s offer when she was young but now she firmly believes that being in her thirties, this is the best time for doing this photo shoot as she is mentally, physically and spiritually prepared for it and more over is not engaged in any movie project.

She had been more famous for breast implants and stomach liposuction surgeries than her “American Pie” series. She is very optimistic about her shoot and continuously tells people about it that if other actresses can do it then why can’t she?

Well…some very happy guys are ready to agree with her.


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