Explaining that she was embarrassed about the leaked nude photos of her on the internet, Rihanna, one of the most successful female pop stars, shows off her curves for the new GQ cover.


Generally, when a beautiful young singer begins to be successful, most magazine covers try to catch them with the unexpected occasions and as “natural” as possible.

Nearly all the young female singers and actresses’ nearly nude photos are seen by the public at their peaked success times or when they begin to decline.

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Rihanna, who was dealing with lots of rumors and had bad issues about her split up that happened a year before, is only 21.

The pictures usually show her topless; while she covers her boobs with her hands to protect her modesty.

As for a change, she also dyed her hair to blonde with a shorter haircut and had a new neck tattoo and a newer one with the words Rated R, which is also her album name.

She also said what she wanted from Christmas is great food and sex, however most men who is going to read GQ would surely want a (new) girlfriend like her. It’s a quite enjoyable perspective for the male population of the world and probably record sales for GQ.

Source : Now Magazine


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