You would never guess who is saying ‘its complicated’ this year.

Its Meryl Streep. When you look at her, there is nothing complicated about her. She is looking happy and problem free. It shows on her face. She is one of the well known veteran actresses today.


Side by side with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, this is a movie that would make your Christmas a lot more perfect. It is a comedy that deals with love and divorce, which are both a complicated matter.

Jane, played by Streep, is a mother of three kids who she raised on her own. Jane owns a bakery shop and is ten years divorced from her husband Jake played Baldwin.

When they meet again at their son’s graduation, this is where things get complicated. A dinner turns out to be a relationship. Apparently Jake remarried again which makes Jane as the other woman.

Adam played by Martin was caught in the middle. He was hired to be the person in charge of remodeling Jane’s kitchen. He suddenly fell in love with Jane which created a complicated love triangle.

This whole scenario is definitely complicated. If you are not doing anything special this Christmas day, then spare time watching this comedy. It will for sure bring you more than just a smile.

Source : Rope of Silicon


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