Mandy MooreInitially Mandy Moore was just trying to keep up with Britney Spears in the whirlwind days of blonde pop stars.

However recently Mandy has made her mark in the film industry and let people know she is not just another blonde pop star.

Moore’s movie credits include A Walk to Remember, Because I Said So (with Diane Keaton) and License to Wed.

Moore’s boyfriend credits include Andy Roddick (tennis pro) Wilmer Valderrama and Zach Braff (Scrubs and Garden State). Ironically after these high-profile relationships Moore quietly snuck off and married Ryan Adams, a fellow musician.

One little fact about Mandy Moore’s life that many people do not know is she was essentially discovered by a Federal Express driver! A Federal Express driver overheard a 13 year-old Mandy who at the time was singing to record a demo on her own.

The same delivery driver told a friend who worked in Sony’s A&R department and that same demo that Mandy was working on eventually made it to Epic Music. Shortly thereafter Mandy Moore left during her freshman year at Bishop Moore Catholic High School to begin working on her first album.

Moore’s first tour was with pop-star boy-band ‘N Sync. Moore was most well-known during that tour for her smash hit “Candy”.


  1. Mandy Moore is absolutely spectacular.She’s genuinely talented and has an amazing singing voice.I have always been a fan of her.she looks stunning in her blonde coloured hair.I’ve seen “A Walk to Remember” movie.She was actually quite good in it .


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