madonnaJust looking at the so many years Madonna has been around the showbiz I would have to say it’s quite…forever.

I remember that as an adolescent, I was very much into her new gothic look and I had “Frozen” as a ring tone on my cell.

Thinking how long I have known about and listen to Madonna’s music I am not amazed that I bought tickets for her Sticky & Sweet Tour.

Now let me tell you what makes this woman so amazing that at the age of 51 is able to get on the stage and perform on a world tour concert.

Since she began her career moving to New York and being on her feet, the celebrity was stuck to her mignonette persona and ever since then it didn’t let go. Madonna was made famous by her unique voice, her frequent changes of image, her nonconformist style and sometimes outrageous behavior.

I followed her love life over the years, the many love affairs, the marriages and divorces, the many pictures the tabloids have published about her and I always saw her proving her strength in the eyes of public opinion and most of all, always landing on her feet.

I like her because she is one of the few celebrities that didn’t got depressed, suicidal. She hadn’t any nervous break downs or if she had she always denied and hid them from the fans.

All her career so far she has proved that she is a business woman from head to toe, always investing, and living large but also being very smart with her finance.

Her star image has suffered many changes during the years in long walk from one hair color to another. She was always skinny, not always fit but almost always fashionable.

The hair color was her distinctive mark for the launch of her every new album.

madonna 1She was mostly blond in a large variety of shades from platinum to almost walnut. Now and then she turned brunette for a radical look during Revelation tour and even redhead for the Confessions tour.

She became a “raw” diet fan and started doing yoga after the birth of her eldest daughter.

I must say I was pretty amazed to hear she became a Cabala believer and also to see how much this has changed her life style.

On her path, she went from disco, to sexy and from gothic to glamour and her style defined the 80’s fashion for many young girls.

I have to say that I love Madonna being 50& fabulous. She has the same nerve, a large plus in style, she settled pretty much in a family of a single mom and kids, but she also is up and running, a star among the stars of music. She is the one who had the nerve to bring disco back in fashion and she is staying on the top of the music charts with it.

Madonna is a strong and resilient woman, a lady of music business, a real entertainer, in reality much more than a diva.


  1. I just want to say that i love Madonna and her music very much.She’s is simply stunning and fabulous even at the age of 50!Madonna sizzles in blonde hair.


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