leelee -sobieskiLeelee Sobieski is a new mom.

The youngest actress ever impersonating Joan of Arc, gave birth this Wednesday evening in New York to a baby girl.

The Hollywood star and the father of her child, clothing designer Adam Kimmel, got engaged in June, three months after conceiving the baby.

Despite the fact that the couple hasn’t gone to the isle to say “I do” yet, they’ve announced the baby’s name: Louisiana Ray Kimmel.

They’ve postponed their wedding, declaring that maybe they’ll marry in spring 2010.

They’ve given no reasons whatsoever regarding the postponing of the wedding; we can only assume that their main concern was to maintain a healthy, stress free, safe pregnancy.

Anyway by the child’s announced last name, Kimmel, they plan to marry as soon as possible. The couple wanted to have a surprise, so the sex of the child was kept secret until the delivery.

27 years old mom, Leelee Sobieski’s full name is Liliane Rudabet Gloria Elsveta Sobieski. Her new baby girl is also her first child.

Born a new-yorker, she starred in movies like “Joan of Arc”, “Deep Impact”, “Public Enemies” (released this summer) and “The Glass House”. Her latest movie is “The Mad Cow”, costarring Jeffrey Tambor.


  1. Aw,Congrats to Leelee and adam on their daughter Louisianna ray!I hope they’re all doing well.I kind of like the name. It’s pretty and unique.I’m sure their new daughter will be so adorable:)


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