jerry seinfeldJerome Allen ‘Jerry’ Seinfeld is a popular name in the comedy world. He is an actor, author, anchor, producer and comedian, and his style is referred as ‘observational comedy’.

He is credited to a number of successful sitcoms and comedy shows on television, starting with the ‘Seinfeld’ that brought him immense success and has been re-telecasted several times, ‘Dilbert’, ‘Curb your enthusiasm’ etc and most recently the NBC reality show, the ‘Marriage Ref’. The ‘Bee movie’ went on gaining record popularity at starting after his earlier movies ‘Comedian’, ‘Pros and Cons’ and ‘the Ratings Game’.

Viewers rated his ‘Seinfeld’ with excellent scores and so he became the other name of success in sitcoms. Now the ‘Bee Movie’ underrated and losing scores because of some wrong strategy.

However, tickets of Seinfeld’s stage shows are sold almost 4-5 months prior to the program but all his shows are not a laugh-riot. The chemistry of observational comedy for which he is famous on television, is not productive on some stage shows and the script often is piled up of old stuff.

The online reviews conducted by the site reveal Jerry to be voted by 74.21% viewers for being annoying which is higher than previous years’ statistics. He was the 17th most annoying celebrity in 2008. It is obvious that not the television sitcoms rather his recent stage ventures are curbing his popularity.


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