Jennifer LopezAmerica’s Latino sweetheart and new mom of twins, Jennifer Lopez has finally decided to grace us with another album.

Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins Max and Emme who are now about a year and a half.

Her new album which has been titled “Love?” is due out in January. For “Love?” she collaborated with rapper Pitbull.

For her collaboration with Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez’s first single is called “Fresh Out of the Oven.”

There are reports that Jennifer Lopez has a new alter-ego named Lola, quite like Mariah Carey’s alter-ego Mimi. Jennifer claims her alter-ego Lola is just for the song and it isn’t a new thing like Mariah Carey had throughout “Emancipation of Mimi”.

Apparently “Fresh out of the Oven” is a fun and hip dance club mix that is sure to hit the mainstream dance clubs across America. Jennifer says her alter-ego Lola was just for this fun and hip dance song “Fresh out of the Oven”.

Lopez attributes the changes in her musicality to her new motherhood. She says there is a ‘you’ before kids and a ‘you’ after kids. This is her ‘you’ after having kids.



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