After Oprah Winfrey it is now time for Tyra Banks to take the bow. This fall will see the last season of the five year old Tyra Bank talk show. Most will definitely miss Oprah, but how many will seriously miss Tyra Banks ?

On second thoughts those who looked forward to the next publicity stunt by Banks may miss her. They will not have sad stuff to look forward to!

Though the show ran for almost five years, it or rather the host received more flak than positive feedback. What with so called controversial topics like vagina care, the show was never really among top favorites.

Most considered it to be more a vehicle to create publicity for Tyra Banks rather than a talk show with serious concerns.

Tyra Banks is supposedly winding up the show to devote herself to the launching of Bankable Studios. This New York based studio will be producing movies. These movies are meant to present the positive (sic) images of women on the silver screen (?)!

Can already here plenty of groans, as if the torture on the small screen was not enough, and now one will have to tolerate it on the big screen too.

Especially so when the acting talents of Tyra Banks are under a question marks. Well… it seems not all ex models make good actresses.

Source : The Hollywood Gossip



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