Hollywood CouplesWith all the mixed reports it can be difficult to keep track of which celebrities are on and which celebrities are off. We have cleared it up for you!

Don’t worry; even though Brody and Jayde seem to argue quite a bit on The Hills does not mean they are anywhere near splittsville.

In fact, the couple is often seen around Hollywood and even more often the two-some is seen on romantic dates.

Recently the couple was seen at an East Hollywood restaurant cuddled up in a booth. The couple reportedly stayed for over three hours.

If you thought Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel seemed like the perfect and ideal couple before we have even more proof for you that is exactly what they are. The two recently went for a hike up Vancouver’s Grouse Grind which is a strenuous and infamous trail nearly 2,800 feet up to the Peak of Grouse Mountain.

Apparently the two, with another female hiking buddy, recently hiked to the top of the Peak and after stopping at Starbucks (on the Peak!) opted to take the Gondola for the ride down.

They hiked up the 2,800 feet and took the Gondola down! The couple that plays together stays together. They are both athletic and apparently have more on their social schedule than partying with the rest of Hollywood’s couples that are heading toward splittsville.

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are still together and still going strong, according to reports that the two were seen recently cuddling and laughing in Vancouver.

Zac apparently wrapped up filming of his latest movie The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud and the cast plus girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens headed to the Watermark Restaurant and Lounge in Vancouver for a night of dining and drinks and watching the “Blooper” reel from the filming of the movie.

Onlookers spotted Hudgens and Efron cuddling, and sharing kisses as well as Hudgens camping out on her boyfriend’s lap for a good portion of the evening. When the blooper reel was shown to the cast it got everyone laughing including Hudgens and Efron.

Reports have recently alluded to Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper being ‘off-and-on-again’ however they have recently been more ‘on’ than ‘off’. According to reports the two were recently together in Vancouver.  Recently the couple plus three friends had dinner at a restaurant in downtown Vancouver. The restaurant, to Market is a Jean-Georges restaurant and is located in downtown’s Shangri-La.


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