Doing sports, putting on make-ups, being super careful of their beauty with the help of moisturizers and various cosmetics, describes a day from the usual life of the Miss World Competition candidates.


Preparing for the contest is a tough process and since gaining the diamond crown is the result of a tiresome string of public events, endless activities and constant smiling nobody remembers that the true work of the girls begins only after they win the competition.

The beauty of the process is that many beautiful friendships are formed here and girls have a good time all through the length of the competition.


On December 12th Saturday, the Miss World 2009 competition took place in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Gallagher Convention Center welcomed beauties, juries and people who were willing to attend the show for the last beauty competition of this year.

So this year’s crown went to Kaiane Aldorino, miss Gilbaltar who won the contest and became Miss World 2009. The beautiful long legged brunette won the swim suit competition and the dress she was crowned into was a lace white dress in which she looked stunning.

Being an administrative clerk, this 23 year old girl was so emotional when the announcement saying she was a winner was made. She covered her mouth while her jaw dropped in the awe. Kaine said that she was so emotional and she lost her words, feeling only happiness.

Then she added that she will try her best because now she has the advantage and opportunity to maintain her plans and do a lot of good for the world.



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