fergieFor Fergie the participation in the musical “Nine” is her first big role in a significant movie project. So far the most important role of the beautiful American singer was this in the movie “Grindhouse” of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

Fergie has had plans to start a diet but they should wait because she will be again on the filming set in order to shoot several additional scenes in December.

The pop star was hoping to get rid of the six kilos which she gained for her role as Saraghina in the movie musical “Nine” but she was informed that she should keep her curvy figure for some more weeks.

Fergie says: “I have three more shooting days in December, but this is not the end, so I am a little bit curvier than usually. I started to take back my muscle tonus, but I do not make cardio exercises because I must keep my weight for the filming in December”.

The singer with real name Sarah Ferguson confesses that it is not a problem for her to gain kilos and actually it was very pleasant for her while getting ready for the role: “I was asked: “Can you gain weight?” because the role really requires this and as I work with actors from such a magnitude, there was no place for a vanity and I completely dive in the character. I spent a wonderful time during the filming. In order to gain weight, I stopped doing any exercises and I ate everything that I want”.



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