Fluffy dresses, beautiful girls with marvelous songs, the birds, trees, flowers, etc. a classic Disney animation film reminds everyone of these.

However, those years that both children and parents were watching Disney’s long films with great enthusiasm had a long break… until now.

Disney studios made a comeback with a classic story created from a different point of view: “The Princess and The Frog”.


The website shows a lot of information, but the first detail that catches the eyes is that there are also games for the film and lots of new entertainment categories.

The story is simple. Tianna, a beautiful girl, a frog prince cursed by an evil magician and who desperately wants to become human again, and a kiss that would make ‘his’ desire come true, during an adventure that takes place in Louisiana.

The producers of famous films such as The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, they have mixed the classic tale with a little more adventure from a more modern point of view.


Other than the producers, the voices which gave life to the characters are also famous: Oprah Winfrey, Terrence Howard, Jennifer Cody, Keith David and so on.

To feel the pure cartoon experience with songs, love and other beautiful feelings and live an unforgettable story, The Princess and The Frog should be watched by people of every age because Disney is always Disney and inside us a child still waits for a miracle.

Source : Disney


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