Tiger Woods is getting divorced.

Actually, better said, his soon to be ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, is getting a divorce from him. She stated that there’s no chance of reconciling but also that she is in no hurry and wants the truth about their marriage to see the light of day.


We could add she is entitled to. The main reason she decided to make this step in ending their relationship is the fact that the world’s most famous golfer cheated on her repeatedly, admitting his infidelities to the public opinion.

It seems that no more than nine women showed up so far on the list of Tiger’s mistresses. Bad move one could say and Elin Nordegren plans to gain as much as possible out of this scandal.

Beside the fact that he has been declared the “Athlete of the decade” by the members of the Associated Press, Tiger Woods is also the richest sportsman in the world. So one might say it is kind of profitable to get a divorce from him.

Putting in balance whether if it’s better to shut up and stay in the marriage or getting a good attorney and intending a divorce, seems that the second choice was the better one for Elin Nordegren.

Anyway the financial future of the couple’s children is secure. The only problem is they’ll get to grow up knowing that their father is a sex-addict.


  1. i think elin should forgive and give him a second chance,if not for any thing but for the sake of her children.They should work on the marriage,stay together,and let the man up stairs heal the pain. Prayers to the Woods family, and I hope they can work this out.


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